Would Sumo Wrestlers Be Good Hockey Goalies?

Would sumo wrestlers be good hockey goalies? Maybe. A hockey goal is four feet high and six feet wide. Sumo wrestlers are obviously taller than four feet, and some might even be as wide as the six-foot-wide goal, and the padding would make them even bigger. But the one problem would be the uniform. You probably wouldn’t even be able to make a uniform big enough, and they’d have to wear their diapers on the ice. But they wouldn’t have to move at all to block the puck, and if the sumo wrestler’s team just scored one goal in a game they’d win.


12 thoughts on “Would Sumo Wrestlers Be Good Hockey Goalies?

  1. Unless he can block the entire goal with his body, NOPE. It was on some science/ sport show where they brought in two hockey goalies. Although the bigger blocked more of the goalie, the smaller was more talented was able to block most of the goals.

  2. That’s an interesting concept. I wonder how agile sumo wrestlers would be on ice skates. To be fair, I think the goal would have to be proportionately larger than a standard size hockey goal. I think it’d be fun to watch sumo wrestlers speed skating, too!

  3. At a low level, he’d be awesome because the players have less accuracy and he would cover more of the net.
    At a higher level of play, he’d be destroyed. The regulation size for leg pads is the same for all, regardless of body size. Accurate shooters would have plenty of net. The wrestler couldn’t cut it.

  4. Sumo wrestlers are not known for their agility on skates. Anyway, this strategy is already used in box lacrosse (the original indoor lacrosse). The net is 4′ X 4′ and so are the goalies. More skill required, too, because the ball can come from wider range of elevations than a puck. Nevertheless, I can’t think of anyone who plays goal in both boxla and hockey.

  5. Well, I don’t think a Sumo wrestler could move too fast with all that fat, for one thing . And, he couldn’t cover the whole goal with his body, even though they are so fat. I’m sure some agile player could get a puck past his protruding pauch.

  6. How would they block the low, ice level shots? I don’t know how limber sumo wrestlers are, but I imagine it would be harder for a bigger and thicker individual to rapidly reach to foot level to block the puck.

    More importantly though, I would be more worried about the ice cracking and failing if a sumo wrestler were a NHL player.

  7. Well even if it they didn’t do such a great job at the goal, it would sure be great fun watching them mix it up in one of the traditional hockey fights.

  8. It is a great question, but I think the answer is clearly no. If the key to being a goalie were being very large rather than a combination of size and agility, then there would be a lot of people in the world lining up to join the NHL. There would still be too much open net for skilled players, but I think the post that mentions in the lower skill levels it would work is probably right…

  9. To answer the question directly: Yes, a sumo wrestler would be a good goalie. Any man or woman large enough to block the ENTIRE goal could be a VERY good goalie. However, it violates the spirit of sportsmanship. If one team decided to do this then all of the other teams would have to do this as well. The games would be even lower scoring than they already are. Eventually, the NHL would have to expand the size of the goals in order to compensate. Then we would have to increase the area of the ice….

    There have been many athletes who were so dominant that the rules of the game had to be changed. For instance, Lew Alcindor made dunking look so easy that the SLAM(!) dunk was made illegal in college basketball for 9 years.

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