Does tiki-taka work the best for FC Barcelona?

Tiki taka football (passing) is much better for FC Barcelona than current manager Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s attacking style of football. There are many pieces of evidence for this.

Barcelona great Johan Cruyff, arguably the best footballer to walk the planet, introduced tiki taka football to Barcelona in the 1970s. The Dutch great was one of the fundamentalists who created tiki taka. Cruyff won many, many trophies as player and manager for Barcelona. For his whole time as manager he used tiki taka football.

The 1992 Barcelona team, nicknamed “Dream Team” thrived on tiki taka. Their midfield general, who was the heart of the team, Pep Guardiola managed Barcelona and turned them into football’s most successful team ever, using, of course, tiki taka. One of the greatest examples of how well tiki taka works for Barcelona is the world’s best player, Lionel Messi. He has led La Liga in goals and assists in at least one season. This shows how even the biggest goal scorers must pass a lot for tiki taka to work its magic.

The most successful football team ever was Barcelona in the 2008-09 campaign. They used tiki taka so well to a point where they were unstoppable. They won all 6 trophies that were available to them. This had never been done before. The mastermind behind this was manager Pep Guardiola. In 4 years as manager of the club, he won 14 trophies.

This season’s Barcelona hasn’t been nearly as successful as the 2008-09 Barcelona. They do have a chance at winning La Liga, but it is not guaranteed. They have reached the final of the Copa del Rey and are in the Champions League Quarterfinals. But they just don’t play with the same allure and dominance as the Barcelona of late. With tiki taka, Barcelona set the record for points in a La Liga season.

In conclusion, tiki taka football works wonders for FC Barcelona. It makes them unstoppable and even more beautiful to watch. No sight in football beats a full-strength Barcelona side using tiki taka.


13 thoughts on “Does tiki-taka work the best for FC Barcelona?

  1. Very interesting article, Solomon! I had never heard of tika taka football before. Do any of the U.S. teams play tika taka football?

  2. Although I knew nothing about it before reading this blog, I’m now convinced that tiki taka is the way to go. Perhaps Tata Martino could benefit from reading this blog!

  3. Solomon, very interesting article and argument! Sounds like tiki taka is the brains AND beauty of football; what more could you ask for?!

  4. Solomon, Thinking back to the soccer game at our house after Jordan’s wedding, do you think our new Brazilian family plays tika taka football? Just wondering!

  5. They sure did have flair, Solomon! Remember Kamila’s dad knocked her mom down and they rolled around for a bit! Jordan also knocked Kamila’s mom down. Not the best way to make a good impression on your new mother-in-law! I couldn’t believe all the Brazilian women played too, and some with NO SHOES on! OUCH!!

  6. Great blog, Solomon! I was way behind in my reading and just read this now. Very interesting….will you be doing more blogging? You’re a great researacher and writer!

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