Lessons from Manchester City vs. Southampton

Today Manchester City triumphed over Southampton 4-1. Here you will find valuable things learned from this game.


Lesson 1: Yaya Toure can’t be stopped

Yaya Toure converted a penalty in the second minute to give the Citizens the lead. After that Toure was unstoppable. Toure won a mind-boggling 7 out of 8 tackles.

Lesson 2: You can’t beat Manchester City at the Etihad

After demolishing Southampton 4-1, Manchester City moved to an incredible 14-1 at home in the Premier League. They have scored 52 goals and allowed only 10 in these games.

Lesson 3: Luke Shaw can be overrated at times

Luke Shaw did put in a decent performance today. But not one of a player attracting attention from European football giants. He played more of an attacking role than usual today which didn’t suit him very well. He was handed a 6.17 rating out of ten today.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from Manchester City vs. Southampton

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