Which should Atletico focus more on: The Champions League or La Liga?

As Atletico Madrid appear to be closing in on their best season ever, they have a big dilemma: should we focus more on the Champions League or La Liga?  Here you will find cases for both.

La Liga

Atletico appears to be on track to end the duopoly that Barcelona and Real Madrid have held over La Liga for so long. Winning La Liga probably was what Diego Simeone dreamed of when he took over  Atletico Madrid because the Champions League trophy then would have been considered such a far-fetched idea. This brings me to my next point.

Champions League

Atletico Madrid have never won the UEFA Champions League. It is by far the most prestigious trophy in club football. Another great thing about winning the esteemed, elusive trophy is that it will assure Atletico’s participance in the Club World Cup. Thus giving them the chance to be crowned the world’s best football club. Another pro to winning the Champions League is the fact that it may very well convince star striker Diego Costa to stay next season instead of departing to Chelsea, Atletico’s semifinal opponents.

In the comments, have your own say! Comment which competition you think Atletico should focus more on.737


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