Three Most Talented Players who are 21 or Under

All around the world there are many emerging football stars. Whether they are dazzling for club, country or both, they have very high potential. Here you will find five of the best players aged 21 or under.

Paul Pogba


Already one of the best midfielders in the game, it is astonishing that the Frenchman is still just 21 years of age. The former Manchester United reject is now thriving at Juventus, leading their charge for multiple pieces of silverware this season. Pogba has recorded eight goals and three assists in 24 matches so far this season for the Bianconeri. While these aren’t the most astonishing stats, Pogba has been contributing enormously with his playmaking and defending. The Frenchman is so in demand that some are even speculating that he may be football’s first 100 million pound transfer. At the moment, Pogba is probably the best young player in Europe and the world who is aged 21 or under.

Raphael Varane


Another 21 year-old Frenchman, the Real Madrid defender is the best young defender in the world. Playing with maturity well beyond his years, his passing is out of this world, a trait not often seen in young defenders. So far this season Varane has an unreal pass accuracy of 90.5%. In addition to his passing skills, Varane is very talented at tackling opponents and winning the ball. Varane plays with great discipline, too, having made 18 appearances for Los Blancos this season and not having been booked once. Real Madrid believes in their young defender so much that they recently inked him to a six year deal.

Raheem Sterling


The 20 year-old electric winger recently won the Golden Boy award for the best player in Europe under the age of 21, won by Pogba the previous year. The England international who was born in Jamaica has been linked to top clubs such as Real Madrid. However, the Liverpool man is currently in contract negotiations with his club. Sterling has played for Liverpool 37 times this season, registering 10 goals and six assists. One of Sterling’s greatest traits is his versatility; he can be deployed in any attacking position.


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